Black Desert Online: How to Make a Manos Hoe

The Manos Hoe is the tool needed to dig for Lakiaros medical plants, which are found in Kamasylvia and Drieghan. Here is a step by step guide on how to make a Manos Hoe.

Ingredients Needed for a Manos Hoe

First, you need to collect the ingredients for the Manos hoe. They are:

  • 1x Shining Steel Hoe
  • 50x Magical Shards
  • 15x Metal Solvents
  • 5x Manos

If you can buy them from the marketplace, great. If not then here below I explain how you can make or get the needed ingredients.

How to Make a Shining Steel Hoe

The shining steel hoe can usually be bought from the marketplace. If there are no available then you need to make one in the tool workshop. You need a level 3 tool workshop. The ingredients are the following

  • 1x Maple Timber
  • 2x Steel
  • 1x Pure Iron Crystal
  • 5x Black Stone Powder

Maple timber is found by chopping maple trees. Steel is made by processing iron ore into iron ingots and then processing iron ingots together with coal. Pure iron crystals are made by processing iron ingots with metal solvents, below is a description on how to get metal solvents. The Black Stone Powder can be obtained by grinding crystals. When you have the ingredients you just need to place them in the storage where the workshop is and get a worker to make the tool.


How to Get a Magical Shard

Getting a magical shard is easy. You just need to process a yellow grade black magic crystal. You get at least one magical shard for each crystal you process. Just press the “L” button, select the heating action and choose to heat the crystal. After a few seconds, it will give you a magical shard. Just be very sure that you are buying a black magic crystal. The other yellow grade crystals won’t give you magical shards.

Black Magic Crystals available on the BDO marketplace which can be heated to get the magical crystals needed for the Manos Hoe.

How to make Metal Solvents

Step one – Make Purified water

You first need to gather bottles of river water before you can turn it into purified water. You can buy empty bottles at a material vendor. To fill the empty bottle with water, you need to stand in a water source and right click the empty bottle. When you have gotten a decent amount of filled river water bottles you need to process them (Press L) into purified water by thinning it.

Step two – Create Clear Liquid Reagent

The next step requires you to use an alchemy tool in your home and produce clear liquid reagent by combining 1x Wild Grass (or Weed), 1x Sunrise Herb,1x Salt and 1x Purified Water. Each run will give you clear liquid reagents along with a few other items that you can turn in to NPC‘s for silver, useful items or contribution points.

Weeds you need to gather yourself from all sorts of plant life, but you can invest in a node next to Velia and have a worker gather Sunrise Herbs for you. Sunrise Herbs can also be harvested from Sunrise Herbs found in the wild.

Step three – Making The Metal Solvent.

Once you have the clear liquid reagent you are ready to make the metal solvent. You also need to use an alchemy tool at your home for the metal solvent. This time you need a single clear liquid reagent, 3 melted iron shards, 4 rough stones and 2 traces of savagery. Again, each run will give you metal solvents along with a few other items that you can turn in to NPC‘s for silver, useful items or contribution points.

Melted iron shards are made by heating iron ore.

Iron ore and rough stones can be mined from rocks, such as feldspar. Iron ore can also be gathered from nodes all over the lands of Black Desert.

And finally, Traces of Savagery can be acquired by having a worker work the excavation node at Lynch Farm Ruins. You can also farm it from Saunils, but the drop chance is small.

How to Get Manos

You need to buy the Manos from a crystal vendor. They can be found in most major cities and each Manos sells for 5 million silver.

How to Make The Manos Hoe

Once you have all the ingredients listed you are ready to make the Manos Hoe. To do so you simply need to process the four ingredients together. Have them in your inventory and press “L”. Choose manufacturing and select the four ingredients. Then press start. After a few seconds, you will have a fine Manos Hoe.

How to Enhance the Manos Hoe

The Manos hoe can be enhanced the same way are weapons and armor, using black stones and concentrated black stones. If you’re not sure on how that is done then here is a simple enhancement guide.

So there you have it. Every step needed to make a Manos Hoe. If you found this guide useful then please share it with your friends and allies in Black Desert Online. Also feel free to browse my other BDO guides.