How to get Black Stone Powder in Black Desert Online

Black stone powder is an ingredient in many recipes in Black Desert Online and therefore usually in great demand. Most often it cannot be bought at the marketplace so a quick way to get it is highly useful for any player interested in the life skill aspects of the game. Fortunately, there are a couple of really simple ways to get this ingredient besides processing rough stones, which is the worst way.

Black Stone Powder From Magic Crystals

A fast and easy way to get black stone powder is by grinding cheap magical crystals by using the grinding option in the processing screen (Press L). The amount of black stone powder you can get from each crystal is roughly the price of the crystal divided by 2000. So a crystal worth about 24.000 silver should yield around 10 – 16 black stone powders. This applies to the cheaper crystals on the market and having your processing skill at least at artisan 1. I have not tried this method on the more expensive crystals, although it is worth a test or two.

Black Stone Powder from Black Stones.

Another quick way to get black stone powder is by grinding down Black Stones, both the armor and weapon variety. They don’t give as much black stone powder/silver cost as the magic crystals, but it is much quicker to get black stone powder from the black stones if you need a huge amount. If time is not a problem, then I recommend getting them from crystals.

Getting Black Stone Powder by Processing Rough Stones.

The hard way is to have a worker process rough stones into black stone powder. This possibility may at some point be necessary, assuming that players start mass buying magic crystals from the market for their own production. But until then it is a waste of time and contribution points to have workers refine rough stones.

To do this you first need to rent a building that has the refinery option. Below is an image showing a house with a refinery located in Altinova 3-2, refineries are usually numerous in every city. Next, you need to hire a worker at a worker contractor. Finally, you need to have the worker start a refining job at the building with the refinery. To do that you will need to have at least 2 rough stones (which you get from mining rocks) in the city storage where the refinery is located. After the specified time you get a single piece of black stone powder from 2 rough stones. Higher ranking refineries offer the option to refine more rough stones in a single job.

A refinery were rough stones are refined into black stone powder. Located in altinova-BDO

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