Eve Online

About Eve Online

The galaxy of Eve Online is a harsh and dark place where only the dedicated and ruthless rise to the top. This MMORPG is a sandbox game with few limits on what you can do. You can be an industrialist which manufactures goods to sell on the market. You can be a miner/gatherer, roaming space gathering materials for manufacturers. You can become a scientist, researching blueprints and working on invention. You can explore space in a cloaked ship, searching for cosmic anomalies or spy on your enemies and many more. The game has evolved to a point were trying every aspect of the game will take you months, even years to do.

On top of that in Eve Online, theft, espionage, scamming and general asshattery is not only allowed, it is even encouraged up to a point. And although grieving is frowned upon, there is not much that is generally considered grieving.  In such an environment, it is no surprise that the smart and ruthless always prevail.

Character progression in the game is level-less, where instead of levels you train your skills over time. The advancing of skills takes place in a training system which runs regardless of you being logged in the game or not. You can concentrate your skills in one sector or try to train them all, it’s up to you. Wealth also plays a significant role in Eve Online. Beyond a certain skill point, your ability to generate wealth becomes a deciding factor in your ability to compete in player vs player activities. For example, in alliance warfare, instead of individual pilot skills, the ability to organize and generate wealth becomes the main factor of success.

On top of that, you can buy PLEX with in-game money which gives you access to Omega clones (full game access), the ability to train more than one character at once and other benefits.

Eve Online

On the Eve Online homepage, you can get a free account, called Alpha clones. This clone allows you to access parts of the game for free, but you can only train a limited number of skills and your training speed is half of that of the Omega clones. You can also only have a single alpha clone account logged in at once (yes, you can have multiple accounts active, and its common that players have two or three accounts running at once).