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Archeage is an MMO from 2014 from Trion Games. It is a semi-sandbox game as there are quests to run and the game world is pretty set, but there are also sandbox elements, such as open world pvp, conquests, meaningful crafting and more.

Archeage has a class system which is rather innovative in its approach. There are 10 basic skillsets that can be mixed in sets of three to create a complete class. This means that the total class options in Archeage are 120 unique classes. There are also no class restrictions regarding equipment, although stereotypical classes still find it best to use the stereotypical sets of armor and weapons as equipment sets give bonuses which align with the respective classes.

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Bless Online

Bless Online is an MMORPG created in Asia and re-engineered by NEOWIZ for the western market. It feels like a theme park MMO with some hints at sandbox elements. The game is buy-to-play with a cash shop where you can buy cosmetic and convenience items. You can also buy a premium membership which gives you some slight advantage over players that do not have it. At the moment of writing this, there are no truly buy to win items in the cash shop.

In Bless Online there are both PvE and PvP content. PvE content is missions, dungeons and crafting, while PvP content is a realm vs realm struggle with PvP enabled areas. The crafting in the game is somewhat simple and more importantly, it is relevant to the game.

Bless Online is also in its Early Release phase so there are some bugs, lack of content and instances of poor performance as can be expected in an early access game. If you feel that would cause you some concern you should wait to buy it until the full release.

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Maplestory 2 Guides

Maplestory 2 is a free-to-play game made by Nexon. It’s a nice little MMO where the game world is made of “Islands” that are interconnected. The graphics are simple and the landscape is made up of boxes. The game is a theme park game with some small PvP elements for those interested. There are also numerous mini-games which are a somewhat entertaining addition to a regular MMO game.

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