Maplestory 2 Fishing Guide

Fishing is an interesting side activity in MapleStory 2. While not really essential to the game in any way, it is a way to while away the hours between dungeons and other activities.  This activity can also give some small benefits, especially at the higher mastery levels. In this Maplestory 2 fishing guide, I will go over how to increase your fishing mastery, how the fishing album works, how to catch fish faster and more.

How and Where to Fish in MapleStory 2

To be able to fish you first need to equip a fishing pole, you can use the pole you get as part of the beginning quests. After you have equipped the fishing pole you need to place yourself next to a water tile and press “F”. This will start a timer. Sometimes you will get a fish directly during the timer, but sometimes you need to complete a mini-game to reel in the haul. The mini-game wants you to press the “F” button in a manner that makes the float stay in the blue area of the bar that pops up. If successful you get the fish.

You can pretty much fish in MapleStory 2 wherever you have access to water tiles (or lava tiles). Any tile where you can “swim” in also be used to catch fish. This means the ocean tiles, lake tiles, river tiles, poison tiles, etc. If you are searching for specific fish you should use the fishing album which you can access by pressing the small fish icon at the top left of your screen. If you are after fish in unknown locations, browse to the bottom and there is a list of their location.

The Fishing Album and Trophies

The fishing album is your collection of fish that you have caught. Each time you catch a new fish, a new entry is added to the album. In it, you can see the size of the fish and if it is of copper, silver or golden size. You can also see your fishing mastery and rank.

An image of the fishing album in Maplestory 2. Showing caught fish and ones fishing rank.

As you catch more fish you get trophies at regular intervals. There are quite a few trophies which award you with titles and access to dyes. At 150 different types of fish caught you get a trophy which allows you to purchase a costume from the fishing store.

Another good use of this album is the fact that it tells you the location of most of the fish you have not yet caught. If you click on an empty image it will show you the name of the areas that have that particular fish. There are however a few fish that have an unknown location. At the end of this fishing guide is a list of their locations. If you want to find them on your own then be careful not to browse all the way down.

How to Increase Fishing Mastery

Shows the fishing skill required at a location in Maplestory 2

Your fishing mastery is divided into levels and ranks, with four levels to each rank. The only way to increase your fishing mastery is to catch fish. However, you cannot simply catch fish wherever to increase your skills. For the most part, you need to fish in locations that are at the top of your skill mastery level regarding fishing mastery requirements. Meaning that if your fishing mastery level is at intermediate II, you need to fish in areas that require a fishing mastery level of exactly intermediate II to increase you fishing mastery. To the right, you can see that at Revoldic Dam you need to have a rank of beginner III to fish there and also be at beginner III if you want to increase your mastery there.

You also get fishing mastery everytime you catch a new breed of fish. So another way to increase one’s skill is to roam the lands of MapleStory 2 and catch all the different breeds of fish in the game.

Now the fastest way to increase your fishing mastery is to fish at the appropriate locations until you reach the rank of intermediary II. At that point, you should start to hunt down all the fish that you have not caught (use your album to see which fish) because you get extra fishing mastery when you catch new fish.

How to Fish Faster

There are a couple of ways to catch fish faster. The first is to buy a better rod when you reach the appropriate fishing mastery level. There are three better rods, the veteran rod, the expert rod, and the master rod. The veteran rod reduces the time to catch a fish by 2 sec, the expert rod reduces the time to catch a fish by 4 sec and the master rod reduces the time to catch a fish by 7 sec. In addition, the skinny lure increases the chance of catching a fish by 10%, further reducing the time between catching fish.

The lures and fishing rods can be bought at the Fisherman’s Shop, which conveniently opens up if you click the Fisherman’s Shop tab that appears as you start fishing.

Auto-fishing in MapleStory 2

You can auto-fish in Maple Story 2 but it is restricted on the use of auto-fishing and auto-performance vouchers. BEfore you use them you should find a spot to fish at and throw the line in. Now instead of pressing the F button, you double-click the voucher to start auto-fishing. How to get those vouchers is, however, outside the scope of this fishing guide.

To speed up your auto-fishing you can also place a lure in the box that appears at the top of the screen below the fisherman’s shop. That way you are using your bait automatically, which should result in a 10% increase in caught fish.

The Benefits of Fishing

At the lowest levels, you can only get a few junk items worth 100 mesos as you fish. Once you hit the beginner III rank you start to get Lightweight Clam Boxes, which contain a random piece of a useful item. As your fishing level increases you should start getting even better items. I will report them in this fishing guide as my skills grow.

Location of Fish Types Marked With Unknown Location

Location of all the fish with unkown listed as their location in Maplestory 2

So that’s about it for fishing in Maplestory 2. If you found this Maplestory 2 fishing guide useful then why not tell your friend and allies about it. You might also find my Maplestory 2 Crafting Guide or my Maplestory 2 Gathering Guide useful.