MapleStory 2 Crafting Guide

Crafting in MapleStory 2 is, for the most part, a simple endeavor. There is no need to go looking for special crafting stations or find secret recipes. You already have everything you need, except for all the materials and of course the crafting mastery for advanced crafting. In this crafting guide, I will go over how you start crafting, what you need to watch out for and discuss if it is even worth pursuing.

Starting Crafting in MapleStory 2

The first thing you need to do is to gather some raw materials, I have a small guide on gathering if you’re not sure on how to get the most from gathering. When you have gathered a decent amount of materials you should start your crafting career by refining those gathered materials.

To do that you need to open up the life skills window by pressing the little bow with the green crystal near the bottom right corner. In there, you then select the profession you intend to use and from there select the item you wish to refine.

Crafting life skills tab in maplestory 2 showing the handicrafts skill line.

Note that the raw materials you gather are not used directly in any recipe (except to refine them) so you can safely refine them all without worrying about it. For example, Chicken Feathers can only be refined into Chicken Feather Fabrics, Pig Tails can only be made into Pigskin, etc. When you have selected what raw material you want to refine you select it from the list and press the craft button. That opens up a window where you are prompted to select the number of items you wish to make and shows you the Mesos cost of each item. You then only need to press the craft button to proceed.

Now there is a daily crafting limit which is set at 1000 units. This applies to each item so technically it’s nothing to worry about as the gathering limit is usually the bottleneck, assuming that you are gathering the materials you use for crafting yourself.

Crafting More Advanced Items

When you have refined the materials you have gathered you can start making stuff from them. In the crafting menu, you see all the items you can create. It is worth your time to browse the collection and see if you find anything you especially like or might find useful.

To make a specific item you then only need to select that item in the list and press its craft button. Assuming you have the mastery required and all the materials you again get the same window where you select how many items you wish to make and the Mesos cost of each item. Press craft and you have the item you wanted to make in a few seconds.


Now it is worth mentioning that you have a limited space where you can keep your crafted items. This can cause some problems but there are ways to bypass them to some extent. Personally, what I do is to have a bunch of refined material on hand and then only make advanced items when I need them. This saves space and only on rare occasions would I rather have made the item beforehand.

Is Crafting in MapleStory 2 Worth it?

Short answer, yes. There are a number of highly useful items that you can only get by crafting or buying from other players. First of all, there are a number of items that can increase gathering yield. A list of those is found in the gathering guide. Then there are items that increase mastery gain from crafting, below is a list of those. On top of that, you have items that boost your stats, restores your health and increases experience earned. So as you can see, crafting is certainly worth it.

Items which increase Smithing masteryItems which increase Handicraft masteryItems which increase Alchemy masteryItems which increase Smithing masteryPrecentage bonus to masteryCrafting rank required to make
Opal Smithing SlateSnail Shell Handicraft SlateLavender Crystal Pumpkin Seasoning50%Rank 2
Sapphire Smithing SlateMilky Handicraft Slate Lemon Balm Crystal Pine Mushroom Seasoning60%Rank 4
Diamond Smithing SlateTurtle Shell Handicraft Slate Jasmine Crystal Green Onion Seasoning70%Rank 6
Amethyst Smithing SlateLonghorn Handicraft Slate Cherry Sage Crystal Medicinal Mushroom Seasoning80%Rank 8
Amber Smithing SlateHorseshoe Handicraft Slate Oregano Crystal Cucumber Seasoning90%Rank 10
Pearl Smithing SlateDragon Horn Handicraft Slate Basil Crystal Agaric Mushroom Seasoning100% Rank 12/13

But Can’t I Just Buy These Items?

Well, yes, but they are expensive and to buy them you need to use the Black Market. Also, there are generally only the upper half tiered items that are sold in the Black Market, so if you need some of the lower tiered items you need to make them yourself. Alternatively, you can create items for other players to buy through the Black Market. This can be a fine source of extra income should you decide to pursue crafting as a profession in MapleStory 2.

Black market tab in maplestory 2 showing banana sandwich

The image above shows an example of an item that is being sold in the Black Market. A single Banana Sandwich is selling for 1200 Mesos each (as can be seen from the small grey text). Not a terribly high price, but the Banana Sandwich is only a rank 7 item anyway. The higher ranked items sell for a higher price.

So that’s it for crafting in Maplestory 2. If you found this crafting guide useful then why not tell your friend and allies in Maplestory 2 about it.