Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a semi-sandbox MMORPG with a unique combat system, which relies on player skill and speed, above the ability to click buttons in the correct order. While considered a PvP game, it has a huge collection of quests and an intricate crafting system. You start out in a small town, disoriented and speaking with a black spirit that guides you through the game. As you level up you will travel to several different nations through a large seamless game map, with stunning graphics. A fair amount of players spend time exploring the lands finding spots to take beautiful screenshots.

Velia in Black Desert Online
The fine town of Velia, one of the first you visit during your journey

There is a wide range of activities for players in this game. Besides player combat and questing, you can hunt and tame a horse, you can trade, gather materials, cook and do alchemy. You can build and sail a boat, go fishing and more. No matter what your interests, you are sure to find them in Black Desert Online. Interestingly, the only way to gather levels in this game is to kill monsters, as there are only a handful of quests that give combat experience.

At the moment, the game must be purchased, but there are no subscription costs. You can, however, purchase items and abilities for cash which gives you a certain edge over other players. While many consider this a pay-to-win scenario others point out that in the end buying these items only saves time.