How to Sell Fish in Black Desert Online

One of the interesting things about fishing in BDO, is that fish are treated as a trade commodity. This means that selling fish is more “complex” than selling other junk items. This page will tell you how to sell fish in Black Desert Online so you won’t lose out on any silver.

Where to Sell Fish

There are two types of NPC’s that buy fish. Trade managers and Imperial fish traders. The trade managers accept all type of fish, while the imperial fish traders only accept certain yellow rank fish. But, there is one thing that is super important that you must know. To get the best value for your fish you need to have the nodes connected from the spot you caught the fish to the node where you are selling the fish. If they are not connected you only get 30% of the value of the fish.

Trade Managers

These guys can be found in any city, town, village and even farms in Black Desert Online. They usually give you from 80% to 130% the value of the fish. Since fish is a trade commodity you can bargain with the trader to get a small increase to the value of the fish if successful. Again, like other trade commodities, you also get the distance bonus when you sell fish. So if you have a long line of connected nodes and a huge fish inventory, it may be worth it making a journey from e.g Calpheon to Altinova.

Image shows the map symbol for the location of a trade manager that you can sell fish to.
The map symbol that shows the location of a trade manager which buys fish and other trade goods.

Imperial Fish Traders

These guys are only located in selected locations. They are special as they only accept specific blue and yellow ranked fish, but they give you 250% of the value of those fish. So if you are getting a lot of blue and yellow fish it is crucial to have the node where an imperial fish trader is located connected to the node where you are catching your fish. Imperial fish traders are found in the following locations: Epheria Port, Glish, Velia, Splashing Point, and Valencia City. However, unlike trade managers, these guys do not give a distance bonus for your sold fish so you should always go for the one closest to the spot where you caught the fish.

So thats pretty much it. If you are interested in fishing you should also read my auto-fishing guide and my regular fishing guide for tips and tricks on maximizing profitability. And feel free to share this with your friends and allies in Black Desert Online.