How to find Wild Beehives and Craft Beeswax Chandeliers

Wild beehives are needed to make chandeliers, which are furniture items that are needed to light up your home. Without them your home is dark and you can have a hard time of using it for anything. A homeowner will always need to have a chandelier or two installed in his house.

To craft chandeliers, you will need access to a level three furniture workshop either in Calpheon or Mediah. You can craft the tin and copper decorated chandeliers in Calpheon and also the maple decorated one in Mediah.

You also need to have all the required materials in the local storage and a worker that can produce the chandeliers.

Materials needed for Chandeliers

Tin Decorated Fluorescent Beeswax Chandelier

  • Tin Ingot – 3
  • Iron Ingot – 1
  • Wild Beehive – 10
  • Black Stone Powder – 12

Copper Decorated Fluorescent Beeswax Chandelier

  • Copper Ingot – 3
  • Iron Ingot – 1
  • Wild Beehive – 10
  • Black Stone Powder – 12

Maple Decorated Fluorescent Beeswax Chandelier

  • Maple Plywood – 3
  • Iron Ingot – 1
  • Wild Beehive – 10
  • Black Stone Powder – 12

Where to Get Wild Beehives for Chandeliers

Of these materials, the hardest to get is the wild beehive. You can get Wild Beehives in Balenos forest which is just south-west of Veila. To obtain the beehives you need to first rent the practice matchlock from Daphne Delucci who’s located at the DeLucci farm in Balenos Forest.

Renting the Matchlock costs 2 contribution points and while it has only 10 durability points you can always return it and then rent again to get it back to full durability. Oddly enough you can only shoot the wooden beehives using the practice matchlock. Any other matchlock will not harm the hives.

Having the practice matchlock you then need to find beehives in the Balenos Forest, which can be hard to see. Luckily, Daphne offers you a quest to shoot 5 of them down (unless you have already completed that quest) making them easier to see as they flash.

To shoot them down you need to press the left mouse button once, aim with the practice matchlock at the beehive and press again to shoot it down. Once you shoot the wooden beehives you just need to loot the remains on the ground and you should get your wild beehives, about 1 to 3 each wooden beehive you shoot down.

Beehives can also be bought from the market but are rarely for sale.

How to Get Black Stone Powder

You can also get black stone powder from the market, but it’s often unavailable. You can, however, buy the cheaper magic crystals of the market and grind them down. This will give you black stone powder which is cheaper than you can buy from the market.

The hard way to get black stone powder is to mine rocks of any kind and get the rough stone. You then need to invest contribution points into a refinery and have a worker turn the rough stones into black powder, where 2 rough stones = 1 black stone powder. YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS.

How to Get Ingots and Plywood

To get ingots you need to process them by heating them from ore.

For example, to get tin ingots, you first need to get tin ore, heat that into melted tin shards, which you again heat into tin ingots.

To get maple plywood, you need to first get maple timber, which you chop with processing into maple planks and then again into maple plywood.

You get the ore by mining the various rocks in Black Desert Online and the timber comes from timber trees. You can also have your workers gather the materials for you or just buy them off the market as the ingots and plywood are common there.

So that’s all you need to know to be able to make a beeswax chandelier. Now if you liked this guide then be sure to share it with your friends and allies and feel free to check out my other Black Desert Online guides.