Black Desert Online Knowledge Guide

There is a saying that knowledge is power. In Black Desert Online, knowledge is energy. The more knowledge you have the higher your energy stat will be. There are several ways to increase your knowledge base depending on the type of knowledge. In this Black Desert Online knowledge guide, I will go over the benefits of knowledge and how to increase it.

The Knowledge Categories

Knowledge is separated into nine broad categories which are: Character, Topography, Ocean, Ecology, Adventure Journal, Academics. Life Skills, Learning the ropes of Black Desert and Trade. The first six are then separated into smaller subcategories which reward energy points when completed, or partially completed. The latter three offer no increase in energy. If you access the knowledge screen by pressing H you will see in the right bottom corner something like the image below.

Knowledge tree in BDO

The image above shows the character knowledge tree in Black Desert Online. The 2/2 means that this category gives two energy of two possible, meaning that it is complete. The other categories which are white have not been completed. A subcategory which shows something like 1/3 has been partially completed and can still yield more energy.

The Character Category.

To gain knowledge in this category you need to find and speak with the characters required. The best way to start is to go to each town and talk to all the named NPC’s that you can find. The map can also help you with this as it often shows a question mark where an unknown NPC is located. If the map doesn’t help you might be able to use the hints that accompany each piece of knowledge. If that is now enough, then can probably help you locate the last NPC’s needed.

The Topography Category

This category is somewhat hard to fill as it requires you to not only travel to specific locations but often you need to gain pieces of knowledge from NPC’s by first gaining amity and later spending energy to gain the knowledge.

The Ocean Category.

Personally, for the energy giving categories, I find this one to be the most time consuming to complete. Here, you need to sail to every island in the subcategory and often run about the island before you unlock the knowledge.

The Ecology Category.

The only way to unlock the knowledge in this category is by killing the creatures listed. This category also has tiered knowledge from C to S, with S being the best. Having higher tiered knowledge gives benefits such as seeing the creatures Hitpoints, gaining AP and DP vs the creature and some say at S rank you gain a higher chance of green or rarer loot.

Also, the Ecology knowledge gives points depending on the ranking, C and B get a single point, A gives 2 points, A+ gives 5 points and S gives 10 points. The sum of these points then gives you an added bonus to the chance of getting green or rarer items as seen in the image below. The number of ecology points you have is displayed at the bottom of the knowledge screen.

The effects of the ecology points in BDO

The Adventure Journal and Academics Categories.

To gain knowledge in these categories you must either complete quests, interact with objects in the game world, get them through the Amity game or by speaking with the correct NPC’s. Personally, I find this category the hardest to complete as there is little to work with in regards to the location of the correct NPC’s. For these two categories, is a really useful tool.

The last three categories to not reward any energy and are therefore somewhat less useful as the others. Still, gaining t-knowledge from those categories can give you titles that have some use in the game.

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