Black Desert Online Fame level and Payout Guide

In Black Desert Online you acquire fame through combat, life skills and accumulated knowledge and contribution. These three parameters are used to calculate your total fame.

Your score for combat experience, life skills and knowledge/contribution is compared to a tiered list, with each tier awarding you a certain amount of silver each day. This daily allocation of silver can be claimed through the mail system after midnight each day. Should you miss an allocation it will accumulate over several days.

Fame Tiers for Combat, Life, and Special Fame

Combat fame

The combined combat level of all your characters gives your combat fame score, where characters at level 56 get double points for each level and characters at level 60 get 5 times the points. The effects of this can be seen in the table below. The combat fame tier ranges from 15 to 1501+

Black desert online combat fame
Table showing how fame is gained for each combat level.

Special Fame

Your total gained knowledge/10 plus your contribution points give your special fame score. By pressing the H button, you can see your total accumulated knowledge on the bottom left. The special fame tiers range from 50 to 2001+.

So, for example, if you have 1420 knowledge pieces and 145 contribution points. This gives you:

1420/10 = 142
142+145 = 287 special fame.

Life Fame

The combined life levels of all your characters count towards your life fame score. Only life skills at higher levels start to count towards points and you do not get an increase every time you level a life skill. The life fame tiers range from 10 to 751+.

To find your life fame score you find the sum of all your life skills above level 30 (Professional 1) and divide by 2, then add to that number your total guru skills +1.

So, for example if have four life skills at professional 3, professional 7, artisan 4, master 4. You calculate your life fame like this:

 32+36+43+53 = 164

164 / 2 = 82

82 + 1 = 83 life fame.

Silver Payout System

Below is a table that shows how much silver is paid out for each tier of a particular fame type. As you can see combat fame rewards the most silver, followed by life skills and special fame giving the least.

Black desert fame payout
Payout at each tier for the different fame categories

From this list, you can see that the fastest way to gain extra daily payout if by leveling a few characters, preferably two characters to level 56 and then a few more reach the second combat fame tier. Leveling life fame is extremely time-consuming and special fame is not really worth leveling but will rise as you play the game. To reach the third combat fame tier you will either need to get a single character to level 60 and two others to level 56 with a few below level 56. Or you need to get at least 4 to level 56 and then also a few more below that level. Assuming you have not purchased extra character slots.

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