How to make Zereth Armor Pieces in Black Desert Online

The Zereth Armor Set.

Zereth Armor is a more specialized armor than the popular Grunil armor set. A full Zereth set gives a player +7 damage against every species, a +400 increase in stamina, +5 HP auto recovery, +50 LT and an increase to knockdown/bound resistance. It has also a slightly higher DP but suffers from fewer gem slots.

In this guide, I will walk you through where to gather the required materials, what workshop to invest in and how to make your first set of Zereth armor.

Were to Produce the Zereth Armor Set

To produce Zereth armor you need access to a level 5 armor workshop. These are only found in Calpheon, Altinova and Valencia. To produce this armor, you, therefore, need to set up base in one of these three capitals. Level 5 workshops are available in Altinova houses No. 5-8 and No. 8-4, and at Calpheon 2nd floor, No. 1-4, Noble District.

Materials Needed

The following materials are needed for Zereth armor. Each piece needs all these materials in varying amounts.

  • Iron Ingots
  • Tough Hide
  • Black Stone powder
  • Black Crystal

How to get Iron Ingots

To get iron ingots you need to process it from iron ore or buy it from the market. Iron ore is the most plentiful ore in the game. Right at the start, you can find a couple of nodes near Velia and Heidel which can supply you with iron ore if you have your workers gather it. You can also gather your iron by mining feldspar rocks. In the image below you can see the locations of a couple of cheap iron nodes.

bdo zereth armor crafting
Location or iron nodes around Velia and Heidel

Processing Iron Ore to Iron Ingots.

To start processing you must press the L button, which opens the processing screen. You then need to click the little flame symbol representing heating, right-click the iron ore and press start. This will begin the processing task.

You spend 5 iron ore each attempt to create 1-4 melted iron shards. You then must spend 5 melted shards each attempt to create 1-4 iron ingots. The amount created increases with your processing skill reaching a maximum of 2.5 average each attempt at artisan level 1. This holds for all the processing jobs in this walkthrough.

How to get Fine Tough Hide

You need to start by getting hide from boars (pig hide), ox (cowhide), elephants or rhinos. After killing these animals, you can skin them if you have a skinning knife equipped. The number of hides you receive depends on your gathering skill, higher levels giving more hides per attempt.

After you have a decent number of hides, you can process them with the L button as before, this time choosing the drying option.

While these animals are spread throughout the landmass of Black Desert Online, I prefer to go after boars around Calpheon as I base my production there. If you prefer to produce the armor in Mediah or Valencia then you should find a source of hides closer.

how to make zereth armor bdo
Boar locations around Calpheon and Velia. Animals with hides can be found in other places as well.

How to get Black Stone Powder

There are two ways to get black stone powder in the game. The common way is to hire a worker and a refinery with your contribution points and have the worker transform rough stones into black stone powder.

If you want to do this then you need to mine the rough stones by yourself, place them in the storage of the town where you intend to create the black stone powder and have your worker start the process. Rough stone can be mined from any minable rock in the game.

There is, however, a much easier way. You can simply grind up magic crystals. These will give you from 10 to over 50 black stone powders, depending on the value of the crystal. By using this method, you can get hundreds of black stone powder in a matter of minutes.

Or you can simply buy it from the market as it is the cheapest material you need to use for your armor pieces.

How to get Black Crystals.

To get Black crystals you must first get your hands on rough black crystals. These can be either mined or gathered from nodes by workers.

If you want to mine rough black crystals you need to go to the Abandoned Iron Mine in the Mediah territory or Bashim Habitat, Crescent Mountains and Martyr’s Haven in Valencia.

Far better is to invest in these nodes and have your workers gather the materials there, for black crystals I would recommend using humans as they have a higher luck stat, which in theory should give more secondary items, such as rough black crystals.

What Worker to Use for Zereth Armor Production.

There are two skills that are important to armor manufacturing. These are Adv. Armor manufacturing and Thrifty (A, B or C). The first skill will allow the worker to produce 4 armor items each manufacturing cycle instead of the usual one. The second gives you a chance of using one less black stone powder for each armor piece.

Regarding race, you have a choice between human and goblin. The goblin manufactures somewhat faster, maybe by 20 minutes each cycle, but the human has a luck bonus which in theory should give you a higher chance of blue armor pieces. You can read more about workers and their skill in my worker guide.

However, the skills are more important than the race, so if you have a worker with both those skills, then use him regardless of his race.

Why Bother Producing Zereth Armor at all.

At first glance, there is not much profit in producing Zereth armor. However, if you have a steady production of the required materials and you have a worker with the right skills, producing Zereth armor can be profitable.

The most important point is that you cannot make a profit from buying the raw materials, making the armor and selling them again. This will actually result in lost silver.

The profit from this and most other production ventures comes from the added profit gained from making these items from materials already gathered, instead of selling those materials.

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