Black Desert Online Fairy Guide

Fairies are a great addition to your character progression. They grant you added skills and bonuses, among those a guaranteed +1 to your luck stat which is very useful. In this guide, I go over how to complete the fairy quests to get one, how to help her grow and show you how the four fairy tiers affect the abilities she can grant your character. I also explain how you can get a new fairy if the tier of your first one is not as good as you hoped for.

Getting Your First Fairy Companion

To get your first fairy companion you need to complete the fairy quest line that your Black Spirit offers you at level 52. The first quest is called “Fairy Queen Theiah” and you can find it in the “Suggestions” tab in the Black Spirit quest window. This quest will take you to the Kamasylva temple in Mediah, where you must speak with Queen Theiah to start the questline.

The Black Spirit quests that leads to your first BDO Fairy Companion

Before you go, you should get two Cooking Honey and place them in your inventory to save time, as they are required for the first step of this questline. If you don’t already have cooking honey, you can probably buy some from the market or get it from Alejandro at Alejandro’s farm just outside of Heidel.

Queen Theia which starts the questline for your fairy companion in BDO
Queen Theiah which offers you the fairy quests.

Fairy Quest 1: Sweet Honey, A Source of Power

If you brought cooking honey with you, you just need to hand it over to complete this quest. As a reward, Theiah will give you a Special Honey Jar. You can then pick up the next quest in this line. If you forgot the cooking honey, then you need to get some at this point and give it to Theiah.

Fairy Quest 2: Into the Sweet Honey Jar

You are now asked to go the Unstable Crevice and place the Honey Jar there. You do that by interacting with the crevice. The Crevice is just south of Queen Theiah and should show on your mini-map. A fairy will drop through the crevice and then disappear again. You can now return to Queen Theiah.

Fairy Quest 3: Laila’s Scattered Petals

The description of Laila's petals which you need to complete this fairy guide.

Now you need to collect Laila’s petals from around the world. You get the petals by gathering, fishing, and killing monsters. This part is the most time-consuming part of the questline, but it is well worth doing it as fairies are really useful. The best way to do this is to simply continue doing what you are used to doing (unless you only do processing/cooking/alchemy) and then when you have a single Laila’s petal you can return to Queen Theiah to complete the quest.

Alternatively, you can hold off starting this questline until you have a petal, as they drop regardless of you having this quest active. Also, having a few petals will allow you to try for a better fairy after this questline is finished as explained below.

Fairy Quest 4: Mysterious Companion

This is the final quest in the questline. You now need to interact with the Kamasylva tree to complete the quest and get Sealed Fairy Wings. This is an item that rewards you with a single random tiered fairy companion.

To open the item you need to click on the box next to the Kamasylva tree and you should get your very first fairy, congratulations.

The Fairy Companion Explained

Once you have a fairy you need to find out what you can do with it. The first important part is to understand the fairy tier system. Like regular pets, fairies have four tiers. These are faint, glimmering, brilliant, and radiant.

The Fairy Tiers and How They Connect to Her Skills.

The fairy information screen for your BDO fairy companion.
This screen shows you all the information about your fairy.

As mentioned there are four tiers with each tier allowing a different amount of skills.

  • Faint can have two skills and can grow to level 10
  • Glimmering can have three skill sand can grow to level 20
  • Brilliant can have four skills and can grow to level 30
  • Radiant can have five skills and can grow to level 40

However, every fairy companion starts with the Gift skill, which gives you +1 to your luck stat.

The skills she can learn are the following:

  • Tingling Breath – Increases underwater breathing time
  • Feathery Steps – Reduces weight penalty
  • Fairy’s tear – Instant resurrection w/o death penalty, long cooldown.
  • Inexaustible Well – Auto-consumption of Purified Water or Star Anise Tea upon the onset of Desert illness
  • Morning Start – She lights up the area
  • Miracoulous Cheer – Auto-consumption of potions upon HP/MP/WP/SP reduction.

Now each of these skills (excl. Morning Star) can have five different levels. The starting skill level is random, but the highest level she can get depends on her tier. To see which skills your fairy can learn and what level she can get them at, just press the question mark in her skill window. For a more detailed look at these skills, you can also read the patch notes.

Getting a Higher Tier Fairy Companion in BDO

Knowing this you can decide if the fairy you have is good enough or if you want another of a higher tier. To get a higher tiered fairy you can do a repeatable quest (not a daily) that you get from Queen Theiah. To complete it you need to give her two Laila’s petals and in return, you get another Sealed Fairy Wings. Now the nice part about this is that you can collect a bunch of Laila’spetals, bring them all to Queen Theiah and repeat the quests as often as you have Laila’s petals to do so. This should give you a bunch of Sealed Fairy Wings, which you can open all at once. From doing that you will get a bunch of fairies where you can see of which tier they are. You then just take the best fairy and summon her from the Kamasylva tree.

I recommend that you try to get at least a glimmering fairy at first as it is fairly easy to do. Higher tiered fairies need a bit of luck to get. Later on, as you find more of Laila’s petals and eventually manage to get a higher tiered fairy, you will need to release the current fairy you have before you can summon a new one. When doing this you will get Ancient Spirit Dust, which is useful for Caphras stones and some fairy powder which you should just sell to a vendor.

Growing Your Fairy’s level.

The BDO fairy at level 10 showing a single skill at level 1
A fairy at level 10 with the feathery steps I skill

To grow your fairy’s level you need to feed it equipment items, weapons and armors of at least green quality. A rule of thumb here is the higher its value the greater experience it gives. For example, a Dobart helmet gives ten times the experience than a Rocaba helmet gives.

Also, higher grade items seem to give more experience than the same value of lower grade item. For example, one Lemoria shoe (blue grade item) gives more experience than 10 Taritas shoes (green grade item), despite costing the same amount of silver (when this is written).

You can also feed her Sweet Honey Wine to grow her experience. However, sweet honey wine is hard to get. There is usually nothing on the market and to make it you need the following ingredients;

  • 2x Top-Quality Cooking Honey
  • 4x Full-bodied Exotic Wine
  • 10x Sugar
  • 2x Fruits

Of these ingredients, the hardest to get is the top-quality cooking honey as it requires you to shoot a wooden beehive with a matchlock and then to grind the beehive you get. Getting a decent amount of cooking honey this way takes a long time.

Resetting Your Fairy’s Skills.

If you are unhappy with the skills your fairy got, you can reset her down to level 0 and remove her skills. This is a useful option as getting a radiant tier one is hard and it would really hurt if she then only gets level 1 skills. To reset her skills you need to press the rebirth button at the bottom of the fairy screen. However, you do need to purchase Fairy Queen’s Might from the Pearl Shop to do so.

So that’s it for this BDO fairy guide. If you found the guide useful then please share it with your friends and allies in Black Desert Online and feel free to look at my other BDO guides.