Black Desert Online Caphras Stone Explained

In BDO Caphras stones are items that can be found as loot in the Valencia and Kamasylva region and presumably higher tiered regions to come. They can also be found when doing certain gathering actions such as logging. mining and underwater gathering. Finally, they can be made by using simple alchemy to combine 5 ancient spirit dust (found in the same manner as stones) with a single black stone, making one Caphras stone.

How Caphras Stones Work

When you get a Caphras stone you can integrate it into a piece of weapon or armor you have that has reached TRI or above enhancement level. Each Caphras stone integrated into a weapon or armor will give it a certain amount of experience. As the experience increases the item will gain a level up to a maximum of level 20. Each level reached will give the item added bonuses and once it reached level 20 you can choose to upgrade it to the next enhancement level with a 100% chance of success. This will, however, reduce the durability of the item down to 0.

The amount of Caphras stones needed to increase from level 1 to 20 varies with the type and rarity of the item. The Caphras stone chart below shows the estimated amounts needed to move from level 1 to 20 as required to enhance from TRI to TET and the same to enhance from TET to PEN.

TRI - TETGreen Item500400
TET - PENGreen Item4.0002.000
TRI - TETBlue Item1.150600
TET - PENBlue Item11.0003.700
TRI - TETBoss Item2.0001.500
TET - PENBoss Item18.00010.000


The benefits gained from each level can be seen in this Caphras stone chart.  Also, it is worth to note that an item that has reached PEN enhancement can also benefit from Caphras stones in the same way, but the amount of Caphras stones needed for each level has not been disclosed.

How to Insert a Caphras Stone

To insert a Caphras stone into your weapon or armor you first need to access the enhancement window with the black spirit. There you need to click the Caphras tab at the top of the window. Next you place the weapon or armor piece you intend to enhance in the right window. Now you get information about the number of Caphras stones you need to enhance it to the next level. In the image below you see that the Dandelion Scythe’s level is 0 and it needs 30 Caphras stones to advance to the next level.

Showing the bdo caphras stone enhancement window

As you can see you can use less than the needed amount to level up, but then you will only get a percentage value to the next level. In this case, it will become 80% and since you gain no benefit from a partial level it is usually better to collect the stones until you have enough to enhance to the next level.

Caphras Stone Cost Analysis

We can use the following method to find the total cost of enhancing an item by using Caphras stones.

First, take the number of stones needed and multiply it with the current buyout value on the marketplace.

Example: A boss weapon from TRI to TET needs 2000 stones. When this is written the buyout price is about 2 million for a single stone. This means that the Caphras stone cost is 2.000 x 2.000.000 = 4 billion silver.

Next, calculate the cost of 100 memory fragments in the same way. When this is written the buyout price is about 2.000.000 silver for a single memory fragment. This means that to restore the item to full durability would cost 100 x 2.000.000 = 200 million silver, which is a small amount compared to the price of the Caphras stones. The reason I use the buyout prices is that most players can earn the cost difference in base price vs buyout by grinding in the time saved from not staring at the market screen trying to snipe memory fragments.

From this, we get the total cost of about 4.2 billion silver to enhance a boss weapon from TRI to TET.

You can see that using Caphras stones is not a cheap way to enhance your weapons and armor. A similar analysis for a single boss grade weapon from TET to PEN would give a cost of roughly 36 billion silver. The cost of getting full boss gear from TRI to PEN? 172 billion silver, assuming each stone and memory fragment costs around 2 million silver on a buyout.

Still, keep in mind that the silver cost is found from the estimates shown in the table above. There is probably some deviation in the numbers shown but this should give you an idea on the costs involved.

Are Caphras Stones Worth Pursuing?

In my opinion, yes and no. Using Caphras stones for a guaranteed TRI – TET enhancement might be a reasonable thing to do, but using Caphras stones for a guaranteed TET-PEN enhancement is mildly insane. The total silver cost aside, the time investment needed to acquire these stones from the marketplace, or by grinding, is just too high for a TET – PEN enhancement. However, if you already have PEN items then you should definitely drop Caphras stones on them to get the added bonuses they give.

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