How to get Boss Armor in Black Desert Online

Should I get Boss Armor?

The best armor you can get in Black Desert Online is simply known as boss armor. This is a combination of four different armor pieces that together give you the highest possible DP for each enhancement tier and good set bonuses. If you equip three pieces of different boss armors you can get +200 to stamina and with all four you also get +1 to casting and attack speed. It should be noted immediately that while getting boss armor is not necessarily an endgame level content, working on enhancing boss armor certainly is. The cost of enhancing a boss armor is immense. I would recommend getting a Grunil set (or whichever combination you find best) to at least TRI or even TET before embarking upon this journey. Also, you should have your weapons already to TRI or TET.

Having said that we can continue. In this guide, I will show you all the ways I know of on how to get boss armor in Black Desert Online.

Getting Boss Armor From Field Bosses.

There are three field bosses that drop boss armor. These are Red Nose, Dim Tree Spirit and Dastard Bheg. They each drop a piece of armor named after them. For example, Red Nose can drop Red Nose’s armor. Red Nose and Dim Tree Spirit drop armor and Bheg drops gloves. It should be noted that just killing a boss does not ensure that you get a boss armor. In fact, looting boss armor is rare and the loot mechanics for bosses are somewhat muddy. First, you need to be in the top 20 group whatever that means (some say it is based on damage, while others say it is more complex) and even if you manage that, you only have a small chance of looting the boss armor.

Below you can see where the field bosses that drop armor pieces spawn.

Location of the field bosses in BDO that drop boss armor.


The spawn time of the field bosses is somewhat random. After the boss is killed or despawned, it enters a closed window that lasts for 13 hours. After that, it goes into an open window where the boss can spawn at some random time within that window. To find out when a field boss spawns you can use this discord channel. Please read the rules and F.A.Q when you join it.

Getting Boss Armor From Scrolls.

When you reach a certain level, the black spirit will start offering you daily quests and later weekly quests. These quests reward you with summoning scrolls for bosses or give you scrolls that you can combine to get an awakened boss summoning scroll.  Some of these bosses can drop a single piece of boss armor, in addition to black stones and hunter seals. Like before Red Nose and Dim Tree Spirit drop armor and Bheg drops gloves. Also, you can get scrolls for Giath which drops a helmet and Muskan which drops shoes. After you have killed the boss remember to speak to your black spirit as he will reward you with a few bundles for killing the boss. It is recommended that you form a party before attempting to kill these bosses as they are hard to kill at lower levels (although not even close to the field bosses). At higher levels, the regular bosses can be soloed as can be seen from the video below. And while the awakened versions can also be soloed, it is much harder and time-consuming to bother with.

Getting Boss Armor From the Night Vendor

Every major town in Black Desert Online has a night vendor. He is usually located in some out of the way location and only appears during the night hours. By talking to him you can pay 50 energy to get a chance of buying some rare items for a price that ranges from below market value to far above it. You have a small chance of getting any piece of boss armor fro the night vendor, but as the energy cost is so high it could take a long time.

Other Ways to get Boss Armor

There are a couple of other ways to get boss armor. First, you can always luck out in the marketplace and manage to buy a piece. You could also collect 50 Shakatu’s seal to get either Dim Tree Spirit armor or Muskan’s shoes. However, the only way I know of to get those seals is to collect them through the daily attendance award, giving 10-15 each month. Finally, you could get lucky and find a boss armor piece in an event chest, such as the Lauren Family gift box.

So that’s it. Now if you liked this guide on how to get boss armor piece in Black Desert Online then be sure to share it with your friends and allies and feel free to check out my other Black Desert Online guides.