How to Increase Weight Limit and Inventory Space in BDO

In Black Desert Online, each character you own has a limit on how much he or she can carry at any given time, both the number of items and the total weight of those items. The importance of weight limit and inventory space is high as most activities in Black Desert Online require either a large inventory space or a decent weight limit for efficiency. It can also be frustrating that inventory space and weight limits are not shared between characters as so many other things in the game are.

There are several ways to increase your number of inventory space and the weight limit of your character. Most of those do not require any monetary investment, but the most efficient ways depend on purchases from the Pearl store.

How to Increase Weight Limit

Leveling up your Character

Each time your character combat level increases you gain a set amount of extra weight you can carry. This offsets the increased weight of the better weapons and armor later in the game. The increase is between +2 to +4 per combat level.

Through Strength Training

You can gain a maximum of +40 LT through strength training before hitting the soft cap of your strength skill. To do so you must purchase a trade pack and walk around with it on your back. You can set your character to auto loop within a town and just leave him to it. Training your strength attribute to level 20 is not so time-consuming, but anything beyond that becomes questionable as the gains are minuscule compared to the effort.

Through Loyalty Point Purchases

Each day you play Black Desert Online you are awarded 100 loyalty points. These points can be used in the pearl shop within the loyalty tab. You can purchase with loyalty points a weight increase of +50 LT. Each increase costs 3500 loyalty points and you can only purchase these 4 times per character.

Keeping in mind that the base increase of loyalty is just 100 points a day this means a total of 35 days to afford each purchase. Now as loyalty points can be used for so many other useful things you need to pick and choose carefully on how you spend them.

The item which increases weight limit increase that you can buy with loyalty points in BDO

Using Belt Slot Items

There are several belt items that can increase your weight limits, such as the Ancient Weapon Core and the Rhutum Elite belt, the latter being cheap to buy from the market. When this is written the best belt when only looking at added weight limit is the Rhutum Elite belt which increases the weight limit by +60LT at a basic level, but enhancing it adds to that with TET level belt giving a +100 LT. The best belt overall is undoubtedly the Basilik’s belt.

Through Pearl Store Purchases

You can purchase four different weight expansion packs in the Pearl store. They are +50 LT, +100 LT, +150 LT and +200 LT Each pack costing 600, 1000, 1350 and 1700 pearls respectively. While you can only purchase one of each per character together they add up to a whopping +500 LT.

By Using Specific Armor Types.

There are two armor types that increase your weight limit. They are the Zeleth armor which increases your weight limit by +50 LT and the Hercules’s Might armor set, where three pieces will increase the weight limit by +200 LT. While handy in certain situations, these two armor sets are not considered the best of the green armor sets.

Using Trader Clothes

The final piece is the weight limit increase available from Silver Embroidered Trader Clothes, which starts at +100 LT and goes up to +250 LT at +3 enhancement and presumably to +350 LT at +5 enhancement.

Clothes that give a boost to your weight limit without needing strength training in BDO

How to Increase Inventory Space

By Completing Inventory Expansion Quests

The cheapest way to increase your inventory space in Black Desert Online is to complete quests lines which reward you with extra inventory space. As you progress through the game you will no doubt stumble on at least a few of these quests, particularly if you complete the black spirit storyline quests.   To find some of the quests that award you inventory space you can always look in the quest tab in-game, open the suggestions tab and press the plus sign on inventory expansions. This will open a list which shows all the inventory expansion quests. On top of that, the quests in the tab called Let’s see some skills also reward you with inventory space. The total slots that can be gained through quests are 55 in total.

BDO inventory quests list

Through Pearl Store Purchases of Inventory Expansion Coupons

You can also purchase additional inventory space using loyalty points and pearls. There are four different inventory expansion coupons available for pearls, which range from +1, +4, +8 and +16 inventory space costing 150, 450, 800 and 1450 pearls respectively. A +1 inventory expansion coupon can also be purchased for 1000 loyalty points. So that’s it for this guide on increasing weight limit and inventory expansion. If you found this guide useful then be sure to share it with your friends and allies and feel free to check out my other Black Desert Online guides..

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  1. Also there is Value Packs which temporary (for 7/30/90 days) increase weight by 100 and inventory slots by 16 on all characters and warehouses. Slots number is not increased if limit is already reached.

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