How to Repair an Alchemy Stone in Black Desert Online

Whenever you use an alchemy stone it’s durability is reduced by one every ten minutes. This durability can be repaired, but not at any NPC like your other equipment. To repair an alchemy stone requires a special method, called recharging, which is outlined step-by-step on this page.

Repairing an Alchemy Stone

Step 1. Find and Open the Alchemy Window.

The alchemy tab is located at the bottom of your inventory. Press the button to open up the alchemy window. To recharge you need to have the recharge tab open, which is the default one you start in.

Two images that show the location of the alchemy tab where you do to repair an alchemy stone in BDO.

Step 2. Select the Alchemy Stone and Recharge Fuel

Next, you need to right-click on the stone you intend to repair, which places it in the alchemy window. Then, you need to decide what to use as fuel to repair the alchemy stone. I prefer to use the Clear Liquid Reagent as I have a huge stockpile, but any reagent, alchemical blood or elixir oil will do the trick.

For the rough alchemy stones the following applies:

  • Alchemy reagents will restore 0.5 durability.
  • Alchemy blood will restore 2 durability.
  • Elixir oils will restore 10 durability.

Note that the blood needs to be blood that you make with the alchemy skill, not blood from animals and monsters. The same goes for the oil, it must be oils that are made with the alchemy skill, not cooking oils or something like that.

This amount is then reduced as the stone get a higher ranking, for example, a yellow rank sturdy alchemy stone recharges half the amount listed here.

Figure shows the alchemy recharge screen and the amount needed to recharge a sturdy aclhemy stone of life to full durability.
A yellow grade sturdy alchemy stone requires 4 reagents for a single point of durability.

It’s also worth spending some time calculating which form of fuel is the cheapest to use. For example, restoring a rough alchemy stone with 100 durability would need 200 clear liquid reagents. When this is written those 200 reagents would cost about 300.000 to 500.000 silver. Using blood for the same durability would cost just about 650.000 silver. This may of course change in the future.

Step 3. Repair the Alchemy Stone

Finally, when you have decided on the fuel, you need to right-click it and select the amount you want to use. The alchemy window conveniently shows you the amount needed to completely recharge your stone. Then press the recharge button, just wait a bit and you’re done.

So that’s how you repair an alchemy stone. If you found this step-by-step explanation useful, then please share it with your friends and allies in Black Desert Online and feel free to check you my other BDO guides.