How to Make a Noble Wagon in Black Desert Online


Flowchart showing how to make a noble wagon in black desert online

How to Make a Noble Wagon in Black Desert Online

The flowchart above shows you how to make a noble wagon from scratch. All the numbers presented are estimates and should only be used as such. Below is a more detailed guide on how to make a Noble Wagon in Black Desert Online.

Step One: Making Pure Powder Reagent.

You need to use alchemy to make pure powder reagents. To do so you need to have a home where you can place an alchemy tool. Once you have that you need for alchemy, you should collect at least four, preferably five of each: Sugar, Silver Azalea, Purified Water, Wild Herbs. Sugar can be bought from a vendor. Silver azalea can be gathered in the wild or you can have a worker collect it for you. Wild herbs or weeds can be gathered in the wild or from pruning in farms and purified water is made by collecting water in bottles and purifying it via processing. When ready place the correct amount into the alchemy tool and craft the Pure Powder Reagents.

Step Two: Making Plywood Hardener.

When you have the necessary amount of Pure Powder Reagents you can move on to the Plywood Hardener. Here you also need to use alchemy and you should collect at least 10 Pure Powder Reagents, 40 Fir Saps, 30 Bloody Tree Knots and 30 Wild herbs or Weeds. Fir sap can be gathered from Fir trees with a fluid collector and Bloody Tree Knots can be gathered from cutting trees. You can also have your workers gather these materials from nodes. When ready place the correct amount into the alchemy tool and craft the Plywood Hardener.

Step Three: Making Pine Plywood

To make the necessary amount of Pine Plywood you first need to gather about 384 pine wood. When you have them ready you need to process them into pine planks and then again into Pine Plywood. You need to complete a few quests to be able to process the planks into plywood. At artisan level 1 you should get about 2.5 planks from 5 pine logs on average, and again 2.5 pine plywoods from 10 pine planks on average.

Step Four: Making Sturdy Pine Plywood

This is the final step in the Plywood section. At this point, you just need to heat together your Plywood Hardeners with your Pine Plywoods to get Sturdy Pine Plywoods. Again, you need to complete a few quests to be able to process the plywood into sturdy plywood.

Step Five: Making Brass Ingots

Here you need to start by gathering about 96 zinc and 96 copper ore. Next, assuming processing level artisan 1, you heat 5 zinc ore to make 2.5 zinc shards on average, and 5 copper ore to make 2.5 copper shards on average. Then you heat together 5 zinc and copper shards to create 2.5 brass ingots on average. It is safer to start with a few more zinc and tin ores.

Step Six: Making Fine Soft Hide

To get fine soft hides you first need to get hides that can be turned into soft hides. You can get those hides from deer, sheep, black leopards and foxes to name a few. When you have the necessary amount you just need to dry the hides twice. First to get soft hides and then again to get fine soft hides.

Step Seven: Getting Black Stone Powder

This is the simplest part. To get black stone powder you simply need to grind a few cheap magic crystals that you either loot or buy from the marketplace. Crystals that costs about 10.000 silver give about 10 black stone powder.

Final step: Manufacturing the Noble Wagon.

To make the Noble Wagon you need to rent a Wagon Workshop that you can upgrade to level 3. There is one in Calpheon and Altinova for example. You then need to have a free worker to start the manufacturing and all the required materials in the local storage.

The production time for this last step is short, just a few minutes for a fast worker, after which you will have a brand new Noble Wagon.

So that’s it then. A simple guide on how to make a noble wagon in Black Desert Online. If you found this guide useful then please share it with your friends and allies in Black Desert Online. Also, feel free to browse my other guides.