How to Craft Manos Coral Belts in Black Desert Online

The crafting of a Manos Coral Belt is a long and time-consuming process. In this guide, I go over the steps needed from the beginning until you have in your hands a Manos Coral Belt. Note that while the materials needed for each color differs the basic principles are the same, the color of the final product only depends on the color of the corals you use as seen below. You will also need the knowledge of Heating: Skilled and Thinning: Beginner to be able to process the required materials.

The first step – Crafting a Coral Belt

The materials needed are

  • 5 Rough Opals
  • 2 Coral Pieces
  • 1 Hard Hide

The coral pieces need to be harvested from dead corals, rainbow corals and colored (red, blue, etc) corals and sea fans by using a hoe. Sea fans, rainbow corals and colored corals can only be found underwater, while dead corals can be found on the beach. You can use the maps on to find the location of corals.

Rough opals can be harvested with a mining pick. You get them from opals which are often clustered at specific locations. Below is an image of a opal and the location of a single cluster. They can be hard to spot, so having a cat pet will make it much easier. There are also four nodes where workers can gather them, these nodes are: Mediah Shore, Pujiya Canyon, Capotia and Gavinya Coastal Cliff. These nodes are located in Mediah and Valencia and require considerable contribution point investment to attain.

To craft a coral belt, you need to have a handcraft workshop at level one. These workshops are found in most towns, but you should find one that you can upgrade to level three as you will need that for later stages. When you have all the raw materials in storage you just need to have a worker start crafting the coral belt and wait a few minutes for it to complete.

A harvestable opal from BDO
A harvestable opal – use a mining pick.


Location of rough opals in BDO
Location of plenty of opals.

Second Step – Crafting a Polished Coral Belt

When you have made a coral belt you can upgrade it to a polished coral belt at the handcraft workshop. The materials needed this time are:

  • 1 Coral Belt
  • 2 Polished Opals
  • 5 Coral Pieces

To get polished opal you need to gather 5 rough opals and heat them via processing (press L). heating 5 opals can turn them into anything from 1 to 4 polished opals (2.5 on average at processing artisan level 1 and above). As before, you need to place the materials into the storage and produce the belt in the workshop with a worker.

The third step – Crafting a Colored Coral Belt

For the third step, you need to decide what color of the belt you want as your end product. Here you decide if you want a red, blue, green, gold or white coral belt. The materials needed are

The materials needed are

  • 1 Polished Coral Belt
  • 3 Polished Opals
  • 3 [Color] Corals

Where [color] refers to the color of the coral needed. So a Red Coral Belt would require 3 red corals. As before the polished opals are gotten by heating rough opals.

Getting Colored Corals

There are two ways to get a colored coral. The first way is to harvest it directly from underwater harvesting, just like you harvest coral pieces, but you need to harvest directly from a coral with the right color. For example, to get a red coral you need to find and harvest a red coral underwater and even then it is chance based if you get a red coral or just a coral piece.

The other method is to heat together 10 coral pieces and a single gemstone with the correct color as can be seen in the table below. You can gather the gemstones by mining the corresponding rocks, getting rough gems. The rough gems can then be ground into gemstones, were 5 rough gemstones are turned into 1-4 gemstones (average 2.5 at artisan level 1 processing). When all the materials are ready you can place them into the storage and get your worker to start his job.


The fourth step – Crafting a Brilliant Colored Coral Belt

Now things start to get a bit more time consuming but it’s still relatively easy to accomplish. The list of needed materials is shown below.

  • 1 [color] Coral Belt
  • 2 Brilliant Opals
  • 5 [Color] Corals

The only new thing now is the Brilliant Opals. To get them you need to heat 10 polished opals via processing (L button) which give you 1-4 brilliant opals each try.  (2.5 on average at processing artisan level 1 and above). As always, place materials into storage and have the worker produce the Brilliant Colored Coral Belt.

The fifth step – Crafting a Named Colored Coral Belt

To get a named [color] coral you need to process together 3 colored corals with a single gemstone, being careful to match together the correct color of the corals and gemstones as shown in the table. This is the final step we can produce in the handcraft workshop before moving to the Manos Goldsmith for the final Manos Coral Belt. It is also the most complex to complete.

The materials needed are

  • 1 Brilliant [color] Coral Belt
  • 2 Moonlight Opals
  • 3 Named [Color] Corals
Named colorCoral colorGemstone
Twilight redRedResplendent Ruby
Brilliant BlueBlueResplendent Sapphire
Prairie GreenGreenResplendent Emerald
Golden SunGoldenResplendent Topaz
Breezy WhiteWhiteResplendent Diamond

To get Resplendent gemstones you need to grind 5 gemstones together to get 1-4 resplendent gemstones.

To get Moonlight Opals you need to heat together 3 brilliant opals together with a single metal solvent.  The problem here is that to obtain the metal solvent is a process on its own.

How to make Metal Solvents

Step one – Make Purified water

You first need to gather bottles of river water before you can turn it into purified water. You start by purchasing empty bottles from a material vendor, where each bottle costs 25 silver and will allow you to fill it with water turning it into a single bottle of river water.

To fill it you need to stand in a water source and right click the empty bottle. If you tick the box marked “Repeat Drawing Water“. you will continue to gather water until you are out of empty bottles. Note that this is considered gathering and will cost energy.

When you have gotten a decent amount of filled river water bottles you need to process them (Press L) into purified water by thinning it. One bottle of water can turn into 1-4 bottles of purified water (2.5 average at artisan level 1)

Step two – Create Clear Liquid Reagent

The next step requires you to use an alchemy tool in your home and produce clear liquid reagent by combining 1x Wild Grass (or Weed), 1x Sunrise Herb,1x Salt, and 1x Purified Water. Each run will give you clear liquid reagents along with a few other items that you can turn in to NPC‘s for silver, useful items or contribution points.

Weeds you need to gather yourself from all sorts of plant life, but you can invest in a node next to Velia and have a worker gather Sunrise Herbs for you. Sunrise Herbs can also be harvested from Sunrise Herbs found in the wild.

Step three – Making a Metal Solvent.

Once you have the clear liquid reagent you are ready to make the metal solvent. You also need to use an alchemy tool at your home for the metal solvent. This time you need a single clear liquid reagent, 3 melted iron shards, 4 rough stones and 2 traces of savagery. Again, Each run will give you metal solvents along with a few other items that you can turn in to NPC‘s for silver, useful items or contribution points.

Melted iron shards are made by heating iron ore, where 5 iron ore are turned into 1-4 melted iron shards (2.5 average … you know the drill by now.)

Iron ore and rough stones can be mined from rocks, such as feldspar. Iron ore can also be gathered from nodes all over the lands of Black Desert.

And finally, Traces of Savagery can be acquired by having a worker work the excavation node at Lynch Farm Ruins. You can also farm it from Saunils, but the drop chance is small.

Final Step – Crafting a Manos Coral Belt

For this final step, you need to invest in a house that offers the Manos Goldsmith. There is one such house located in Altinova, house 5-8. The materials for the Manos Belt is as follows.

The materials needed are

  • 1 Named [color] Coral Belt
  • 3 Moonlight Opals
  • 4 Named [Color] Corals
  • 10 Manos

The only new thing here is the Manos, which can be bought from a crystal vendor. So at long last you can gather these materials together and make your very own Manos Coral Belt.

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