Archeage – How to Make a Fishing Rod

How to Make a Wrapped Bamboo Fishing Rod

The first fishing pole you make in Archeage will most likely be the Wrapped Bamboo Fishing Rod. This is the simplest rod that you can make with 0 skill in Handicrafts and other vocations. To get higher level rods you will either need to buy them or train your handicraft skill.

For a Wrapped Bamboo Fishing Rod you need the following:

1x Bamboo Fishing Pole Frame

1x Sharp Fishing Hook

1x Basic Fishing Line

1x Wooden Reel

Below is a description of how you can get all the materials needed and how to make these items. When you have gathered all these materials together you need to find a handicraft kiln workbench to put it all together, which will cost you 100 labor points.

An image showing the crafting interface for the bamboo fishing rod in archeage

Bamboo Fishing Pole Frame – Labor Cost 10

The Bamboo Fishing Pole Frame is made on a carpentry workbench and needs requires the following:

10x Bamboo Silk – which is a material found by logging bamboo sticks, that you can either find in the wild or grow in your scarecrow farm.

2x Fabric – Fabric is processed from 3x wool or 10x cotton at a weaving loom workbench (labor cost 5). Wool is gathered from sheep and cotton can be grown on your scarecrow farm from seeds you buy from a seed vendor.

Sharp Fishing Hook – Labor Cost 5

The sharp fishing is crafted in the handicraft kiln workbench. You only need a single piece of an iron ingot, which is made by processing 3x iron ore at a smelter workbench

Basic Fishing Line – Labor Cost 5

The basic fishing line is made on the weaving loom workbench and requires the following:

3x cotton – as above, cotton can be grown in your scarecrow garden.

3x wool – wool is gathered from sheep from the wild or which are raised in your scarecrow garden.

Wooden Reel – Labor Cost 5

The wooden reel is made at a carpentry workbench from 2 lumber, which themselves are made from 3 logs each. You can get logs from any tree in the wild or from any tree that you grow on your farm.

Complete Base Materials Needed:

Bamboo Silk x 10

Cotton x 23

Iron ore x  3

Logs x 6

Wool x 3

Total labor needed after all materials are gathered = 125.