Bless Online Taming Guide

In Bless Online you can tame almost every type of creature that is in the game. Taming is a fun activity that is also rewarding and can be a game unto it own. Taming is also necessary to use and become familiar with if you intend to have the best mounts in the game at your disposal.

How to Tame an Animal

To tame a creature you need to have a Taming Order Scroll in your inventory an have reached at least level 8. There are a few degrees of Taming Order Scrolls, with the Lesser Taming Order scroll the first you are likely to use. The Lesser Taming Order Scroll is used to tame targets that are below level 15, such as horses in the starter zones.

You start taming by selecting the creature you wish to tame and right-click the taming scroll in your inventory. This will start a mini-game where you need to press space whenever the arrow is located within the green field. If you manage to press the spacebar for a few times (number depends on the animal) while the arrow is in the green zone you have successfully tamed the animal and it goes into your companions tab.

Starting the taming minigame will also prompt the creature to attack you, so if you are going after higher level creatures you need to have decent armor or protection.

There’s really not much more to taming in Bless Online at the moment. However, you should also read my Bless Online Companions Guide for more information on what to do with your companions once tamed and how to upgrade them.