Bless Online Gathering Guide

Gathering in Bless Online is a straightforward activity. To begin gathering you only need two things, a gathering bag for gathering plants and if you wish to mine ore you need a pickaxe. Both of these items can be bought from an NPC vendor found in most cities and towns. The price for a single gathering bag or a pickaxe is 48 copper. You should always have a decent amount on you as each gathering action uses up a single gathering tool.

An NPC vendor that sells gathering and mining tools

When you have either a gathering bag or a pickaxe ( I recommend getting both ) you can start gathering. To gather you need to find specific plants and ore stones in the wild areas of Bless Online. They are rather obvious when you see them as they have a faint glow to them as shown below. The plants and ores are spread across the land with the more valuable materials located in hostile areas.

When you have found one, just walk up to it and press the F button. This starts a 3-second timer, which, when finished will give you the materials in the gathering node.

As you gather materials you will gain experience in your gathering or mining skill. At first, you will be at an apprentice level, needing 1.657 experience to reach the Skilled level at which point your gathering/mining speed is reduced by 10%. Each level after that will give additional bonuses until you reach the master level.

Gathering Tools

You can get a pickaxe and a gathering bag that has an unlimited amount of uses from the special currency shop. However, they only last for an hour so should only be used when you intend on doing an extensive gathering run.

And that is pretty much all there is to gathering materials at this point of the game. If you liked this gathering guide then please share it with your friends and allies in Bless online. Also, check out my other Bless Online guides.

Forming a Party for Gathering.

By forming a party the party leader can set the party to receive gathering bonuses. The more people that are in the party the better bonuses are available and if they are from every race in your faction the bonuses get even higher. At the highest level, you get a 50% reduction on gathering times. To get that you need to have a member of every race in your party, note that you do not need to have all the party members at the same place for this to work.

The party interface in Bless Online, we are one gives the 50% bonus
The party interface in Bless Online, We Are One gives 50% increase to crafting experience and 50% reduction to gathering times.

Resource Dungeons (Turbans)


A Turban in the wild
This is how a turban looks like. Press F near it and you will enter a resource dungeon.

Resource dungeons are spread over the hostile lands of Bless Online, mostly located where there is a risk of PvP action. Resource dungeons are special places where you can start a three-minute timer and try to gather as many materials as you can in that interval. The respawn time is supposed to be random, but as far as I can tell, the locations are static. Meaning that if you know a resource dungeon location you should be able to revisit assuming no one else has recently used it and de-spawned it. To the right you can see what a resource dungeons entrance looks like. Which is the reason why htey a called turbans.


When you enter a resource dungeon you will see a couple of odd looking characters. One of them will teleport you out of the dungeon while the other will start a 3-minute timer during which you can gather as much as you can. You need to start this 3-minute timer as the resource nodes won’t spawn unless you speak to him first.

The three rooms were you can gather resources are divided into one room for ore and two room for plants, with one of the rooms containing a single gold ore. Below are images of the two guys that are in the resource dungeon and the three rooms that contain the materials you can gather.


Gatherable Metals

Here is a table showing which region has which metal that you can mine. This table was made by sourcing information from other region versions of the game. The confirmed column is correct, while the unsure column shows info from other region versions.

Metal oreConfirmedUnsure
IronCampagna Plains, Navarra Plains, Cornus Mountains. Ostium, North of Floren
SilverGnollando, Beolan, Padana Ruins, Cornus Valley,
GoldEternal Shade, Bhran Forest, Curia, Southern Peninsula, Shaqqara Desert, Bleached Desert.
MeteoriteThe Dustbowl, Burning Sands, Southern Peninsula, Cherey Mountain, Bellops, Northern and Southern Saltus.
StoneGnollando, Terny

Gatherable Plants

Here is a table showing which region has which plant that you can gather. This table was made by sourcing information from other region versions of the game. The confirmed column is correct, while the unsure column shows info from other region versions.

PlantConfirmed RegionUnsure
AppleRustica, Bhran Forest
BananaSouthern Peninsula
BirchBurning Sands
BlueberryCornus Valley, Beolan, Vachel, Kingdom of Floren, North of Floren, Southern Saltus, Northen Saltus, Cherey Mountain
CabbageCampagna Plains. Cornus Mountains
ChilliCampagna Plains, Cornus Mountains,Bleached Desert, Wywern Valley, Ostium, Bhran Forest.
CoconutSouthern Peninsula
CornCornus Mountains, Navarra PraireCuria
CottonCampagna Plains, Navarra Prairie, Terny, Pandana Ruins, Cornus Mountains
CranberrySouthern Vachel, Vachel, Kingdom of Floren, North of Floren, Beolan, Northern Saltus
MintGnollando. Rustica, Horse Mane Grassland, Southern Peninsula
ParsleyNavarra Praire
RiceTerny, Rustica, Vachel, Horse Mane Grassland, Bellops,
SaffronNavarran Praire, The Dustbowl, Terny Basin, Shaqqara Desert, Southern Peninsula, Elemental Forest, Beolan,
Silver GrassCampagna Plains, Navarra Praire, Terny. Pandana Ruins.
WheatCampagna PlainsVachel, Ostium, Beolan,
Parasol MushroomGnollando

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