Bless Online Crafting Guide

At level 14 you can get your crafting skills, both the main and sub crafting skills. To get your crafting skill you need to talk to the craft union leader. Don’t worry about not finding him, the guide quests will take you to him.

At this point in game development, there are three main crafting professions: Armorsmithing, Handicraft and Enchanting, and two sub crafting skills: Alchemy and Cooking. You can only choose one main crafting profession and one sub crafting profession for each character. Seeing as you can have up to six characters, you should be able to take care of all your crafting needs yourself if you want to. It is, however, time-consuming to reach the top tier in a crafting profession, let alone all three.

Crafting List and Recipes

When you have selected your crafting professions you can look at your crafting list. This list shows all the items you can craft and the requirements to craft them. At first, you will only have a limited number of items to craft, but as you explore you will come upon Instructions, which are pages that will teach you how to craft more items.

These instruction pages are usually found in Dwarven Chests, located in dungeons or in the wild. Once you have found a Dwarven Chest in the wild you can wait for it to respawn to get another instruction. For dwarfen chests in dungeons, you need to re-run the dungeon to get another chest. You can also buy them from the auction house and there are now 6 different types of armor at each tier.

As you gain in crafting skill you will start to be able to craft items that need materials that are not found by gathering. Some of those can be bought from merchants but the others are harder to get. The first of those are grudge extracts, which can only be obtained by defeating elite monsters located in dungeons or bought at the market if available. Later you will also start to need condensed magic stones, which you get from dismantling your gear.

Crafting Stations and Crafting

The best place to craft is in your factions main city, with some crafting stations also found in other cities. Crafting stations are found in workshops which are represented as a light blue symbol on the map.

To start crafting you simply need to go to a crafting station, such as an anvil and press F. That opens the crafting window where you can select the item you wish to craft. When you have selected an item you will see what materials are needed and at what skill level you need to be to perform the crafting task.

Standing in front of an anvil for armorsmithing

Crafting Levels

There are seven levels of crafting proficiency you can attain, from Apprentice to Grand Master with the rank of Grand Master awarding considerable bonuses to major crafting successes and speed.

Crafting Parties

By forming a party made of every race in your faction you can get a bonus to your crafting experience earned. As you increase the number of people in the party the bonuses get better.  At the highest level, you get a 50% bonus to crafting skill experience, both to your main and sub crafting skills. To get that you must have at least one member of every race in your faction and the party members don’t need to be at the same place for it to work. A nice trick is to collect a large amount of materials, return to the capital, join a crafting party, get the 50% bonus and start crafting then.

The party interface in Bless Online, we are one gives the 50% bonus

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