Bless Online Companion Guide

In Bless Online a companion is an animal that you have managed to tame or buy and can be used as pets or mounts. To access the companion window you need to press the L button. In that window, you see that companions are divided into ground, flying and pet companions. By selecting a single companion you can see his stats in the middle window. Below you see a novice brown horse. He is at level 18 with the movement speed of 9.57 m/s, mounting time of 2.25 seconds and has 5 available upgrade attempts and a single potential awakening.

The companion window in bless online

Leveling up companions

There are two ways to level up companions. The first is just to use them. For each point of energy used while riding them, the companion gains one experience point. Energy is used while riding the companion, but also from summoning it and unfortunately you do not get any experience from the energy lost due to summoning it. However, you do get experience from the energy used while jumping, so to quickly gain experience and waste energy you should ride around jumping on your horse, then rest it afterward.

The second way to level up a companion is to enhance them.

Enhancing companions.

You can select a single companion to be enhanced by sacrificing another companion of the same type. So to enhance a ground companion (like a horse) you need to use another ground companion, such as a horse, a boar, a horn bug, etc. Select the companion you wish to enhance, press the enhance button and right click the companion you wish to sacrifice. You can see in the lower right corner the predicted result of sacrificing that companion.

If you have Passable Growth Potions ( a special currency shop item ) in your inventory then you can decide if you wish to use one, two or three of those to gain even more experience from the enhancement. When everything is selected remember to double check that you have selected the correct companions and then press enhance. If you sacrifice the wrong companion there is no way to reverse the decision.

Energy Recovery.

Your companions have limited energy. For mounts, energy is spent when you ride and summon them and restored when you rest them. For pets, energy is used by having them summoned and restored when you un-summon them.

Instead of resting your companions you can use feed such as dry feed and diet cans such as normal diet cans to recover the energy of your mounts quickly. To do so you need to select the companion and have it un-summoned. Then press energy recovery in the upper right of the companion tab and use the energy recovery food you have in your inventory. Ground companions need dry feed, while pets need diet cans.

Upgrading Companions

You need to have a companion at max level before you can try to upgrade it. To upgrade a companion you go through a similar process as enhancing. Select the companion you wish to upgrade, press the upgrade button and right click the companion you wish to sacrifice. You can see in the lower right corner the predicted result of sacrificing that companion. Double check that you have selected the correct companions and then press enhance.

Note that you always need to sacrifice a companion of the same grade as you intend to upgrade, meaning that a rare companion needs a rare companion for an upgrade. Also if you use the same type of companion you get a 15% base chance of success instead of 5% for using a companion of a different type.

Since the number of upgrade attempts is limited, a smart way would be to tame about 10 creatures of the same type, select the one with the highest upgrading attempts and potential awakenings number, train it to max level and then try to upgrade that companion. This is a great way to get your first rare pet, but to get a companion of the highest grade you will need a more detailed plan and a boatful of luck.

If you have High-Class Grace of Dverg or High-Class Potential Blessing Powder (both items from the special currency shop) in your inventory you can select to use them if you wish. High-Class Potential Blessing Powder gives you a 5% increased chance of upgrading your companion and the High-Class Grace of Dverg protects the companion you use in the upgrade attempt should you fail the attempt.

Sitting on my noble steed. A companion in Bless Online

Skills and Skill Change


Companions can have their own skills that either improve the companion or benefit the player. Each companion can have up to three skills, with the first skill becoming available at the rare rank and then one skill added each rank above that.

If you get a skill after an upgrade you do not want to have on your companion you can buy a skill change coupon from the special currency store and use it to change the mounts skill. The change is randomly generated and you might even get the same skill again, but this is the only way to get rid of bad skills.

Awaken Ability

The number of times your companion can be upgraded is limited. By using potential stimulants you can increase the number of available upgrades you can get. Note that you usually can only apply one or two potential stimulants for each companion. You can get potential stimulants from the special currency shop.


This ability is not yet available in the NA/EU version of the game, but it will allow players to seal their companions and sell them at the auction house. This will open a way for experienced tamers and trainers to earn a lot of gold.

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