Black Desert Online Renown Score Explained

In Black Desert Online, a players renown score is a rough measure of his characters combat ability. Renown score is calculated like this:

(Main AP + Awakened AP)/2 + DP + Territory fame level bonus = Renown score

and is always shown in your character screen above your AP and DP stats.

The benefits of the renown score are considerable and well worth pursuing. The bonuses consist of AP and DP bonuses in addition to titles and are listed in the tables here below. Effectively they give an added boost to the combat ability of veterans above that of newcomers.

A table with the effects of the players renown score

Effect of Territory Fame on Renown Score

Territory fame is a measure of the total amity you have with NPC characters in the respective territory.  To raise amity you need to engage the NPC’s in the amity mini-game or greet them by pressing F3 (which costs a lot of energy). The total amity for each territory is the sum of the amity for each NPC in that territory. The total amity needed to reach each level is believed to be

  • Level 1: 0
  • Level 2: 300
  • Level 3: 1.500
  • Level 4: 3.000
  • Level 5: 9.000

With Balenos territory only needing 2/3 of these numbers for each level. There is also some discussion about quests having some positive effect, but NPC amity is more important overall.

Territory fame gives bonuses to both accuracy and AP and it affects your renown score like this

  • Level 1: 0
  • Level 2: +1
  • Level 3: +2
  • Level 4: +3
  • Level 5: +5

On the off side, you only get the renown bonus in the territory where you have the fame. For example, if you have a level 3 fame in Serendia but level 2 everywhere else, you would get +2 in Serendia, but only +1 in the other territories.

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