Black Desert Online Marketplace Guide

To buy and sell items in Black Desert Online you must use the marketplace. The game is set so you cannot trade items between people, either directly or indirectly. In this Black Desert Online marketplace guide, I will go over some of the nuisances of the marketplace.

The first thing to understand is that when you sell items on the marketplace there is a 35% tax placed on the item. You can reduce this by having a value pack active, which adds 30% to the price you would receive without the value pack. This means that you get 65% of the value of the items when you sell it without a value pack and 84,5% of the items value if you sell it with a value pack active.

It’s important to note that you need to collect the silver with an active value pack to get the bonus. If an item is sold while you have an active value pack and it goes inactive before you can collect the silver you will not get the bonus. Similarly, you can sell items without an active value pack, activate it and then collect the silver for the bonus.

Accessing the Marketplace.

Every major town in Black Desert Online has a marketplace you can access. To access the marketplace you need to speak with the market NPC in the town you are located at. When you speak with him or her you get a choice of selections. Choose marketplace and you access the marketplace.

BDO Marketplace screen

In the image above you see the initial marketplace screen as it appears. To the right of it are the favorites which I will explain in a bit. At the bottom are a few choices you can select to access different options in the marketplace.

Navigating the Marketplace

To navigate the marketplace you can either use the list on the left and browse through the various items for sale or you can type the name of the item you seek in the search box located at the top of the image. You don’t need to write the full name of an item. For example, if you want to find steel tools you can just write steel and press search. The marketplace will then show all the items that start with steel in their name.

You can also add any search word as a favorite. Just type the word in and press the favorite button, this adds that search phrase to the favorites window. Next time you need to search for the item you just need to press the button in the favorites window.

Buying Items on the Marketplace

When you click any specific item on the screen above you are moved to another screen that looks like this.

Black Desert online marketplace item

To buy an item you simply need to press the buy button to the right of the item. You can only buy the cheapest item at any time. If the item you are searching for is not available it will appear grayed out. You can still interact with the item to set up a pre-order or get a notice when it is registered.

How do Pre-orders Work?

Pre-orders is a method in which you can offer a set amount of silver to get an item sold to you before anyone else can buy it. When an item is registered the system randomly determines if the item is sold to a pre-order or if it goes to the market. If it goes to a pre-order the system checks on the existing pre-orders and the highest one gets the items sold. To see how you set up a pre-order you should watch the video below.

How to pre-order items from the BDO marketplace.

How Does the Notice Option Work?

If you want a specific item you can choose to have the game give you a notice when the item is registered by pressing the notice button. That way you will have a few minutes to get yourself to a marketplace and get ready to bid on the item. To get a notice you only need to press the notice button shown in the image above. You can then manage the notifications by pressing the notification button on the first screen shown.

BDO-Notification list

This opens the above window. In it, you can see that I have added several versions of the Dandelion Scythe to my notifications. To stop receiving notification you only need to press the delete button next to the item.

How Does the Bid System Work?

The bid system in Black Desert Online is rather simple. When the item pops up you select bid and cross your fingers. The item goes randomly to one of the players that pressed the bid button.

Registering Items in the Marketplace.

To register an item on the marketplace you need to press my listings button on the first image shown. This stake you to the following screen

BDO marketplace listing

To register an item you just click the register item button. You can there select the number and price of the item you wish to sell and then press accept. Your item will then show up on your listing. When it has sold you will still need to collect the silver. You do that by pressing the collect money button next to the item. Remember, if you have access to a value pack that you need to have it active to get the 30% bonus mentioned above.

As an interesting side note. If you sell an item to a pre-order you can get up to 10% extra for the item you sell, depending on how much higher the pre-order was.

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